Lotto Mistakes

Lotto Mistakes

Are there any lottery mistakes you wish to learn from? If there are, then this article is about the worst of them all. I hope you will find this article helpful in showing you what to avoid in your lottery selections.

Here is a list of the mistakes I often encounter when playing the lottery:

  1. Playing Only a Fraction of the Game

Most people play only a few tickets each week, such as a Saturday drawing. Yet, they still buy 5-10 tickets in a drawing nearly every week. Does that mean they have to wait for all of the winning numbers to come up? No, probably not. People in the Bay Area who buy multiple tickets at the same time simply buy a lot more tickets than other people. The reason for this is simple: in the event of a jackpot win, the ticket value will increase significantly.

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If you buy 5-10 tickets at one time, and play them until the drawing, you’ll certainly have plenty of winning tickets so you should be able to buy more tickets than other people. However, if you buy 1-2 tickets at a time, you don’t increase your chances of winning any tickets. In fact, you might even be increasing your chances of losing because of the higher cost of playing multiple tickets.

The higher cost of tickets, also, probably means spending more money on the lottery. From my experience, spending more money usually leads to higher taxes, and a greater chance of going broke because of higher interest rates. A $1,000,000 jackpot may pay off your loan, but you would probably still go broke by paying off your loan first.

The first way to avoid this problem is to only buy 1-2 tickets each week. The more you buy, the less you have to pay in the event of a win.

  1. Lottery Numbers Are Random

Many people think the lottery is completely random. Thousands of people play the same numbers every week. When picking your numbers, it’s best not to mix your numbers. Stick with the same ones from the last 4 weeks. There’s no perfect way to win the lottery, but there is a way to increase your chances.

The most powerful way to improve your chances is to look at the past numbers and see how many numbers have come up. There should be a ratio of about 3 numbers to every other number in the drawing. If you’re lucky, you’ll match 3-4 numbers and make a solid income.

  1. Numbers Based Around Birthdays Or Special Numbers Are Not A Good Idea

Some people base their numbers around their birthdays or other special numbers. The problem with this strategy is that the sum of all your numbers is very rarely in a winning draw. As well, the numbers may not be random at all. The most likely draw to have all 6 numbers in the correct order is 12-13-14-15-16-17.

The best mix of numbers is to use numbers picked randomly. If you use birthdays, even though there’s no reason to pick birthday numbers only, there are far too many numbers born each day to use this random strategy. Just use your head, and go for any random numbers.

  1. To Win The Lotto, You Have To Have Numbers

If you don’t want to win the lotto, you probably don’t want to waste your money on learning how to choose lottery numbers. However, if you are going to buy a few tickets, you may as well learn how to pick lottery numbers. Just imagine if you had birthdays and other special numbers picked randomly. Now you can finally see your symbols in the ticket, and someday you could win the lotto with unmatched numbers.

To learn how to pick lottery numbers, go down to your local lottery store and play as many tickets as you can. You’ll never know, a ticket you bought may just be the winning ticket!

Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged

Are American Online Poker Sites Rigged?

Controversy over whether the USA should allow online Vodka138 sites to continue to develop has escalated after recent news that rigged gambling cases are being opened against the popular website Poker Stars. Although no one could definitely prove that online poker is rigged, the fact that it is even being discussed is a worrying sign.

The idea that there could be a scam involving America’s most popular poker sites and their rigged games has sent shockwaves across the Internet since the earliest of times. When the idea was first put forward there were definitely no guarantees that it could be proven, but more and more sceptics just seem to agree with the idea that it could be rigged.

Just because it has not been proved Rig & Bet or Poker Stars, the fact that other suspicious cases have been reported should send a strong signal to both online poker sites and the pokerongs that there could be a scam involving these sites.

Most people also believe that the poker sites would be more than happy to rig the game in their favor as it means they will receive less players and more profit. Although you would not be able to prove this, Poker Stars certainly has a vested interest in keeping its players and not being taken advantage of in the long run by the big time online sites that Rig & Bet especially as these rigged games have been going on for some time now.

The Poker Stars rigged debate centers around a paper that was presented by an ex-employee of the online poker site that was, in fact, not intended for public consumption, Poker Stars admitted to be rigging their software for several months before they finally came clean and announced that they were in fact rigging the game to their favor and to the benefit of their partners.

The admitted rigging included Poker Stars ‘favorite’ hand, the “five card draw”. The five card draw is one of the hardest hands to get a hold of, so they obviously liked it. But anyone who understood the game would instantly realize that the five card draw is not a highly favorable hand. Yet in the seconds it took Poker Stars to admit they were rigging the game doesn’t seem to matter.

They had already removed the five card draw from their website a few months before they came clean. Several other things were said, but never proven. Some sceptics of the Poker Stars case spoke about the timing of the reveal as being suspicious and somewhat irrelevant, as they were never really interested in seeing the evidence anyway. However the fact that the evidence has already been revealed does seem to indicate that something may be greatly wrong in the way that online poker is played and the reason why that may be is because of the very large sums of money involved with the game.

Poker Stars rigged their game with the knowledge that less people would call their bluffs and their opponents would fold more often if they were playing a 6-handed game instead of a 10-handed game. Less people meant more profit for the poker house, simple.

Obviously everyone knows that people tend to stay with the same poker hands as others and if they saw an opportunity to get a lot of cash from a tough hand, they would grab it. But Poker Stars didn’t stop at that. they went one step further and they looked at the players.

They claim to have been observing the game and they admit to using a database to send information to their players in order to help them in order for them to make the right decisions against their opponents. This is all done without the knowledge of the players. This means that Poker Stars can customize every single hand that is played. They can even change the game speed and the way it is played.

In fact, the only way to stop people from going to your website and playing poker games is to also stop them from going to your poker site. This is how you stop the problem altogether.

But seriously, how can anyone take these claims seriously when there are no proof, evidence or proof of a program like Poker Stars actually working? There is no way to 100% prove that Poker Stars is not rigged, but you can see that their advertising claims are a little over the top.

In a perfect world, we would take a look at the evidence and prove that Poker Stars is not rigged, but for the time being, this is about as close as you can get. However, it is far from the truth to say that Poker Stars is unbeatable, as there are many people who will attest to that. You can pick out the skeptics and raise your moral concern, but for the most part, the evidence will speak for itself.

To prove that Poker Stars is not rigged, you have to take a closer look at how the Poker Stars software works and how plausible it is that it could be fixed. Although it is not absolute proof, Poker Stars is more than satisfactory as far as the game is concerned.